Immediate Relief
Full Treatment Plan

Urgent Care is the Best Choice
versus an ER, Orthopedic Clinic or a
Podiatry Practice for Your Injury Care.

ERs will prioritize patients based on the severity of the condition so a sports medicine injury will often take 4-6 hours before being diagnosed and usually will not provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Orthopedic & Podiatric Practices can take weeks for an appointment and often promote unnecessary surgical intervention. 90% of sports medicine injuries do not need surgical intervention.

Orthopedic Walk-In facilities charge more for both the visit and the treatment plan and are typically open only
Mon thru Fri, with no evening hours.

CPC Urgent Care offers Convenient, Affordable & Quality Care for Your Injuries

  • CPC Urgent Care accepts most insurances and self-pay discounts are available if insurance is not used.
  • CPC Urgent Care offers the fastest and most convenient care. We are open 7 days; as early as 8 AM to as late as 8 PM.
  • CPC Urgent Care is staffed with expertly trained Medical Professionals and state of the art medical equipment to ensure you the best possible care.