Orthopedic & Sports Injury Care
Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Full Treatment Plan with CPCUC

Exam & Diagnosis through Treatment & Recovery:

Minor injuries may often be treated with R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation), which can be particularly helpful during the first 24 to 48 hours after an injury to reduce swelling and pain.

For more severe injuries, R.I.C.E. can be helpful however the injury may require a period of non weight bearing {not putting weight or stress on the injury} with a longer recovery period prior to getting back to normal activities.

Oftentimes an orthopedic product specifically designed for the most common orthopedic related injuries is prescribed. These devices are crafted to stabilize and support the injured body part so the body’s natural healing process can occur uninterrupted. They have been proven to provide pain relief by delivering focused compression with hot & cold therapy which contributes to the best clinical outcomes.

With many sprains or strains, Orthopedic Grade Supports have been proven to provide relief from initial and ongoing pain by through focused compression to the injury. Additionally, they will help you increase your mobility during your recovery and help in preventing a recurrence of the injury.

Our CPCUC Medical Professionals will design the most effective custom treatment plan for your diagnosed injury. We will manage your care from examination through to your recovery and getting you back to your normal daily activities.


Treating Your Injury

  • REST

    Stop any activity that causes any degree of pain or soreness.

  • ICE

    Apply ice/cold pack to minimize swelling. 10-20 min, 3 times a day for 2-3 days


    Wrapping or use of an appropriate Orthopedic product will reduce swelling


    Minimize swelling; Elevate and keep injury above heart.

Orthopedic Products Can Greatly Enhance Your Treatment & Recovery

  • Provide immediate relief from
    discomfort and pain
  • Offer focused compression for
    effective treatment
  • Assist in regaining mobility and an
    active lifestyle
  • Aids in stability and in preventing
    recurring injuries

CPCUC Offers the Highest Quality Orthopedic Grade Supports