Only $1 Per Day, Only $10 Per Visit 

Unlimited Urgent Care for Most Reasons You Need a Doctor

This is not an insurance plan. It is the most affordable solution for you to see a doctor when you need one, but don’t require an emergency room visit. our VIP Membership offers benefits to many individuals and families in the greater Greensboro area including those with and/or without current medical coverage.

Those with no insurance

CPC Urgent Care provides individuals and families without health insurance with low-cost access to urgent and primary care, covering 90% of typical medical needs.


Those with High-Deductible Health Insurance

Members can visit CPC Urgent Care for the majority of their medical needs and save their high-deductible insurance to use only for major or catastrophic medical events.


Those who visit the Doctor often with insurance co-pays

Members pay only $10 for CPC Urgent Care visits and avoid the high cost associated with typical insurance co-pays.


VIP Medical Membership Program may be exactly right for you and your family. You can be evaluated and treated at Carolina Priority Care Urgent Care on your schedule, whenever you need us.

Convenient. Affordable. Quality Healthcare

We're open 7 days a week. 

Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM; Sat, 9AM-5PM